GalsShopper shopping is our way and we hope it becomes your way as well!!  Whether you're shopping for women's clothes, men's clothes, trendy accessories, shoes, handbags, toddler, kids apparel, baby apparel, or out grocery shopping at your local supermarket, you will be a part of the GalsShopper community! 

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Gals Shopper LLC is the maker of the Patented exclusive design GalsShopper and GuysShopper clip-on shopping cart organizer.  Countless GalsShopper's and GuysShopper's have been purchased in all 50 states across the U.S.A. and internationally.

Featured on QVC for 2 years earning Customer Top Rated.  Featured on Zulily and available on Walmart and Amazon.  Sold out with Shipt the nations premier grocery delivery service owned by Target.   Supplying our GalsShopper's featuring the Shipt logo on  Discovered and featured on the Hallmark Channel's Home & Family TV show by celebrity TV host, beauty & lifestyle expert Kym Douglas.

  Your GalsShopper or GuysShopper holds your smart phone, shopping list, coupons, and pen all in one convenient place.  Right in front of you!  Best of all, your Gals/GuysShopper comes with you and leaves with you when you shop.   Your Gals/GuysShopper clips on and off any shopping cart handlebar or baby stroller handlebar, allowing an easier and better way to go shopping at the supermarket and any retail store.  And when you're done shopping, your Gals/GuysShopper fits right in your handbag or vehicle glove compartment.  Gals/GuysShopper's proven track record of quality and durability spans over 7 years of use by countless satisfied customers.   

You become part of the Gals/GuysShopper community, where smart shopping is our way!    No more dropping your smart phone, no more fumbling with your crumbled shopping list, no more one handed or no handed shopping, no more forgetting your coupons at the register, no more looking down while you stroll shopping missing friends. 

Shop hands free, shop organized, shop looking up, shop smart with your GalsShopper and GuysShopper.